Depalma’s creates divine authentic Italian in Tuscaloosa (4.5/5 stars)



I absolutely love when I find a hidden gem (delicious restaurant) in the most unexpected places. Recently, for spring break my roommate and I stopped in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on our way to Louisiana. I checked out the small hotel guide for restaurants and we were both feeling Italian. We were so close to just walking to the Pizza Hut next door and thank God we didn’t. Depalma’s was worth the drive and the annoying parking.

The restaurant has a classy feel entangled with vintage decor. There are signed wine bottles displayed around the tables. The menu was moderately priced and contained lots of options.

To start we got the breadsticks with meatball, onion, and cheese. They were braided with the filling inside. Generally I’m not an onion person, but these breadsticks were exquisite. The cheese and meat along with fresh dough married perfectly together when dipped in their homemade tomato sauce. For my entree I got the mushroom ravioli. The filling was tasty and the cheeses were tangy with the musky flavor that the mushrooms bring. However, I disliked the amount of oil that the ravioli came soaked in. It wasn’t really a sauce and it made them seem greasy. The real star of the menu were their homemade meatballs. I only ordered them because the people at the table next to me got them and they looked amazing. As a proclaimed carnivore I had to experience them for myself. They were honestly the most amazing meatballs I’ve ever eaten. Moist and tender with perfect flavors. The tomato sauce really amplified the meatballs. (Insert ball joke here) now that I’m done talking about meatballs…..

Overall, Depalma’s was a hidden Tuscaloosa gem that I happened to stumble upon. The Italian food was one of the best I’ve ever had and it makes me even more excited for my trip to Italy in July! 🙂

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