Flying Biscuit Cafe: Soars in my book (4.5/5 stars)


I’ve been to Atlanta three times now and each time I’ve never found a place that left me wanting to go back. If you’ve been reading my blog it’s very apparent that when I travel I ALWAYS focus my attention on the food. Atlanta wasn’t any different, but my researching always failed and even asking locals hadn’t helped. However, fate was smiling upon me this weekend when our taxi passed by the flying biscuit cafe. I remember the restaurant being on food network many moons ago. My friends and I decided to try it on Sunday for brunch. The wait was pretty long about 30 minutes. It was seriously worth it though. I got the salmon scramble and a half order of the French toast. To quench my thirst I ordered the chai latte. It was one of the best chai latte’s I’ve ever drank. Hot, creamy, with hints of cinnamon. It was more than satisfying. My salmon scramble was slightly more fishy than I would’ve liked, but not too overpowering. The grits had to be my favorite. Combined with the salmon scramble and the creamy saltiness of the grits. It was a win-win bite each time. Their claim to fame biscuits didn’t disappoint either. The French toast was more like toast with sweet dipping sauces. It wasn’t the best, but the Creme anglaise sauce was definitely a redeeming factor to the dish itself. Overall, this is the go-to brunch spot in Hotlanta. There is always a wait, but the meal is always satisfying.

The Flying Biscuit Cafe on Urbanspoon


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