Cheesecake Factory: Mediocre at best [1.5 stars out of 5 stars]



When you hear of a place like Cheesecake Factory then you are like, “Wow, that sounds like a nice establishment and it’s a pretty well known chain.” Well, at least that’s what I thought. Also, it just opened up in Knoxville and my friends peer pressured me. Anyway, we got there and the wait was terrible. About 40 minutes and I wasn’t too upset about it because it’s a new restaurant so, I expected it to be that crowded. We were a party of 6 and it took us that much longer to get seated. However, nothing was going to break my happiness. I got to spend time with my friends so, I was happy. That is until I tasted my food. I was on a semi-health kick so, I ordered the lunch portion salmon with mashed potatoes. When I got my food the salmon was of mushy texture and the blandest that I’ve ever tasted the fish. The mashed potatoes reflected the fish as a pile of sticky goop with little to no flavor. Here was a menu full of literally a plethora of options and yet none of my friend’s food was above mediocre. The happiest part of the meal was the exquisite cheesecake and macchiato I ordered, but come on! At that point that’s what I was hoping for since they specialized in that at least. Overall, Cheesecake Factory was overpriced, time exhaustive with bland food. My advice is go for the cheesecake and eat your main meal somewhere else.

The Cheesecake Factory on Urbanspoon


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