Summer ends on a delicious Cajun note! Bistro To Go [4/5 stars]

Bistro To Go: Shreveport, LA
4/5 stars


I am officially back in Knoxville after saying goodbye to one of the most delicious summers I’ve ever experienced. While I was sort of disappointed with the Cajun food in my adventure I was taken by surprise at the delightful gem that my aunt showed me the day before I was supposed to get on the plane headed back to Tennessee. Bistro To Go located in Shreveport has amazing Cajun specialty items on their menu that are sure to impress even the natives of the swamp lands. The restaurant was bustling with people when we got there and it was pretty difficult to find a table. However, we were seated as soon as they were able and after glancing at the menu I decided on the special of the day which was southern fried catfish. The meal started on a spicy note with their shrimp Étouffée. It had a nice flavor from the dark rue that was used. There was lots of celery in it which helped cool the palette a bit. My only complaint is the shrimp was a bit muddy tasting. There is a special place in my heart for Bistro To Go’s crisp, fresh, and perfectly seasoned catfish. The hush puppies that came with the fish were fluffy and moist. The balance between the two fried items had to be the green tomato relish. It was sweet and tart at the same time. The meal ended in the most amazing way possible. Their famous bread pudding. It was simply delicious. The glaze that covered the bread pudding was light and yet bound all the cinnamon nutty goodness that was the bread pudding. Talk about amazing Cajun food. Thank God for my aunt who can really pick great restaurants. It was a good way to end my Cajun food experience.
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