New Asia in Maryville, TN [4.5/5 stars]


If you think about how rare it is to find good Asian food in such a small town as Maryville, TN then you are left with the question, “When will I ever find yummy Asian food in this town that doesn’t even have a P.F. Chang’s?” Well, I think I have lucked out folks. With a little help from my dear friend Google, I found New Asia. A small Vietnamese restaurant located in my current hometown (at least until I go back to college for the semester). They have awesome lunch specials featuring some of the classic Vietnamese dishes I have come to know and love. Their shrimp in pants appetizer pictured above was let’s be honest pretty much a spring roll with shrimp hanging out of it. However, it was still very much delicious. The presentation might need a little bit of work, but I’m definitely not complaining. Their Pho has great flavor with small hints of cilantro and lime. My favorite dish is the grilled pork. It is perfectly marinated with a smoky flavor from the grilling preparation that takes place. Add some of the steamed rice and you have an exquisite bite of Asian deliciousness. I really hope this place makes enough business in Maryville to stay open. It’s so close to my house I know they’ll be getting LOTS of business from this little Asian college student. (:

Happy Eating ❤
New Asia on Urbanspoon


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