Prejean’s: Not worth the hype [2.5 out of 5 stars]


When we were bringing a close to our New Orleans trip, I really wanted to end it with a really high note with concern to what restaurant we would choose for dinner. None of the restaurants in New Orleans look too promising so, we decided to eat dinner in Lafayette on our way back to Shreveport. Prejean’s was right off the interstate and seemed to be the homeland of Louisiana cajun cuisine. You see when you are making a decision such as this one to try and find a place that was conveniently located, but also was proclaimed to have authentic cajun food you find yourself in what I would like to think of as a “tourist trap.” These are places that are looked at highly as tourist attractions, but have the least promising food. I ordered the crab lover’s plate because the waiter recommended it and because I really do love crab. My friend got the gumbo which was supposed to be a specialty of theirs. The sauce which covered the crabcake and my pasta was less than satisfying. It seemed to clump all the flavor that was supposed to be in the crabcake into the sauce. In simpler words, everything tasted the same. It was bland, muddy, and mediocre tasting. Definitely not worth the $25 price the dish held. Interestingly enough the least distasteful thing on the plate was the fried green tomato slice hidden underneath all of the slopped sauce. The gumbo was slightly better. Although, the crawfish in it was not the best I’d ever eaten. After getting the bill I was left hungry, depressed, and disappointed. I went in expecting the best and I left after eating the worst. The best part of the experience was the free rolls at the beginning. If you are looking for good cajun food eat in Lake Charles. Save yourself from cajun food heartbreak.

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One thought on “Prejean’s: Not worth the hype [2.5 out of 5 stars]

  1. Hey Jessica,

    Just read your review of Prejean’s I totally understand what your talking about. From the picture I can tell you didn’t have a good experience. Fezzo’s in Scott does a much better job on “traditional” Cajun Cuisine by which I mean the restaurant version of Cajun favorites. See my guide in urban spoon “One Day in Cajun Country”.

    Happy Eating
    Chris Downs

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