Steamboat Bill’s on the Lake: Best Catfish (5 out of 5 stars) Lake Charles, LA


My uncle suggested this place. He said that a lot of people he works with when he’s in Lake Charles highly recommended it. The set up is a little confusing at first because the outside of the place looks like a hole in the wall and when you first walk in the hustle and bustle of dinner time is overwhelming. There were tons of people standing up at the front and they looked just as confused as us. We were handed a menu and told to order our food at the front and then it would be brought to us. I was unsure what to get, but my eyes went immediately to the jumbo butterfly shrimp. My aunt ordered a pound of crawfish so, I figured I could sneak a tail or two from her. The shrimp arrived with fries, coleslaw, and what they called a Louisiana roll. The shrimp were huge and fried to perfection. I added some creole seasoning to the fries which made them taste even better. The louisiana roll had to be my favorite. The roll was so fresh and the coleslaw added a nice cool transition between bites. The funny thing is my favorite dish that Steamboat Bill’s had to offer was on the kid’s menu. Their catfish nuggets are crisp, fresh, and melt in your mouth out of this world. I think that if we ever make the trip back to Steamboat Bill’s I’ll load up on the catfish. It’s something I’ll crave when I think about seafood in general. Overall, amazing place with amazing seafood. This restaurant reassures the expression don’t judge a book by its cover. If you are ever in the Lake Charles area Steamboat Bill’s is worth the pit stop.

Happy Eating! ❤

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