Good Eats Cafe is good but not great [Shreveport/Bossier] 3 out of 5 stars


Chicken Florentine panini with pasta salad and raspberry tea.

Good Eats Cafe has two locations. One in Shreveport and one in Bossier. I went to the Bossier location on Airline. I’ve  been to this location once before when the weather was colder outside. With the summer heat kicking in I decided to try out the Cafe again for some summer flare. After ordering the chicken florentine (a panini with spinach, chicken, garlic mayo) I ditched the red onions that came with it I also got a side of pasta salad. I don’t know, but I guess I was expecting more flavor from the pasta salad. All I got were cold noodles and a strong olive aftertaste. The sandwich was slightly better, but still mediocre at best. I think I honestly could’ve made a better sandwich myself. On the bright side the tea was delicious and even the store bought cookie made the meal a bit brighter. Overall it was not an unpleasant experience, just not one that I’ll go out of my way to recreate. 3 out of 5 stars. Maybe I’ll have better luck finding my summer cafe spot.
Good Eats Market on Urbanspoon


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